Do you love music?
Do you also like to listen to good music coming out from good speakers, just to relax a little bit?
But suddenly it is not relaxing any more because the only thing you can hear is a rasping sound coming out from your favorite speakers?

Then it could be caused by damaged rubber or foam surrounding of your speakers.
That's exactly what we found out now. Our JBL Control 1G only released a scratching sound instead of bass. At both woofers the foam surroundings were crumbled. It seems to be a serious problem here in South America that rubber parts getting weak early.


Defekte Gummisicke

One of our first projects in 2014 was the installation of a common dvr camera system with 4 cameras. A system with 8 possible cameras at that time wasn't desired and the prices in Uruguay then were much higher than today. Our customer was satisfied with this system, except for one or two areas outside the house that couldn't been monitored sufficiently. Therefore our customer thought about an extension of the system. 

 dvr 350


When visiting the big theme parks of Disney, Warner and Universal the special light effects always were very impressive. Disneys "Space Mountain" is a famous example for the use of fibre optic lights. They used a lot of this fiber optics there, e. g. for a moving comet tail or a starry sky. 
Because of my work for a special purpose machinery manufacturing company once we had a lot of fiber optic
 leftovers that were used for optical sensors. This was the initiation to build my own starry sky. 


The times of the slide projectors meanwhile are over. Modern flat screen TVs can play images and movies without any additional equipment. Digital cameras and smart phones induce us to take more and more pictures. But looking on conventional slideshows often is a bit boring. Current video editing and post-processing programs can significantly improve this kind of movies and make them more interesting.

Premiere Intro

You are also a proud owner of a solar-powered warm water system but you also would like to have warm water after two cloudy days? Our house has two bathrooms and had been formerly equipped with three different types and sizes of water heaters. No one of these were younger than 5 years. 
As we are interested in energy saving and sustainability and are living in a country with more than 200 sunny days, it makes sense to change the old system with a solar-powered hot water system. 



The time for video tapes is already gone but who doesn't have some films on VHS or S-VHS?
To be able to watch these little treasures also in future we recommend to make digital copies. As not everybody is able to digitize films, we'd like to offer you this service. As we use a professional video recorder with 4 heads and appropriate hardware for digitization, usually we are able to get really good pictures even if the original material is very old. 

Bedienelemente Videorecoder

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