The time for video tapes is already gone but who doesn't have some films on VHS or S-VHS?
To be able to watch these little treasures also in future we recommend to make digital copies. As not everybody is able to digitize films, we'd like to offer you this service. As we use a professional video recorder with 4 heads and appropriate hardware for digitization, usually we are able to get really good pictures even if the original material is very old. 

Bedienelemente Videorecoder

The occuring image errors, the screen interferences and other disturbing influences can be eliminated by using a profesional software. You can decide if you like to get your material as DVD with menu or as a current mobile format.  

Please use our contact pagein case of any questions related to digitization of video tapes.


Explanations to the text:



VHS /Video Home System) is an analog recording and reproducing device for video tapes that first has been introduced to the Japanese market in 1976. Super Video Home System (S-VHS) is an improved, downward compatible VHS standard for home video. 



When digitization analog signals will be transfered by special hardware into digital data that can be edited with the computer. The quality of this data cannot be changed the same way like analog signals, e. g. video and music tapes. 


Mobile Video formats

Video formats that can be shown by mobile phones, tablets, smartphones and so on.  Usually the quality and image resolution of this data is a little bit worser due to the reduction of the file sizes. 


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