In about 1980 it was the first time I was pleased to use a video camera when joining a seminar in handling of cameras and recorders held by the German National Film Services (Landesfilmdienst). It was a remarkable appointment because only the akkupack had the same weight like a small car battery. But this seminar called up my interests that last until today.
Over the years the equipment and the technics changed basically, but who doesn't still have some VHS video tapes but not the appropriate recorder to watch them? We have the solution for you: The conversion of the video type by digitization into a film that can be run by a computer or a DVD player.
Please read also the corresponding article "Digitization of video tapes".



Who of the music lovers, born before 1980 didn't had a cassette tape recorder at home to record the LP from a friend or the most favorite songs from the radio? If you still have one of this analog treasures and would liken to have them in digitized form, we could realize that for you by digitization of cassettes or LPs.
By using the latest software we have the possibility to eliminate or at least to reduce disturbing noises. 
Due to my experiences as a sound engineering assistant of a band and as a part-time DJ during the 80s and 90s, I know about the necessity of a perfect sound when sound mixing. Therefore we guarantee that we are not just doing our job, but trying to reach the best from your material. 




In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by using our contact page. We will send you a reply ASAP.


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