Bekommen Sie auch ständig Werbung von Antel per SMS?
Gerade während der Feiertage wurde wir wieder mit Werbung von Antel bombadiert

Do you also get constantly SMS-ads form Antel?
Just during the holidays we were bombed again with advertising from Antel!




Mit der Zeit kann einem das ganz schön auf die Nerven gehen. Hier erfahren Sie wie man das abstellt!
Over time this is quite annoying. Here you will find out how to get rid of them!

Uruguay is leading in broadband access

In South America Uruguay is the leading country with regard of the expansion of broadband connections and access to Internet. However, when it comes to speed and quality, it depends on where you have settled. More than 4 years ago we started with DSL Internet connection over copper cable, which was also responsible for the landline. To prevent the occasional malfunctions, we also had an USB stick with GPRS access in spare.

According to statistics in 2015, 30% of Uruguayans had broadband access. The telecommunication provider ANTEL emphasized that already 60% of the broadband connections were already covered by the fiber optic network (Fibra Optica - Fiber To The Home/FTTH). As mentioned above, Uruguay is the leader for the average speed Internet access in South America and ranks 7th in the world (amerika21).

 Antel USB-Stick


In Microsoft Windows the settings are not easy to find. While in Windows 7 the most settings are accesible via the system control panel, starting with Windows 8 a lot of parameters can be changed in the settings menu and some are accessible over the classic control panel. Sometimes this may be a bit confusing.

To get one folder with all settings Microsoft has implemented a hidden "God Mode".

.God Mode


Since the end of 2016 Opera browser has a built-in VPN access. With this additional offer, Opera provides fast and free VPN without traffic and speed limitation, which most other browser developers so far haven't implemented. Actually, servers are available in Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United States. This allows you to browse the internet with a disguised IP address or gain access to contents on Youtube and other streaming services with geoblocking.

 Opera mit VPN

TATETI - I have a table for you.

Reserve your table in the best gastronomic sites of Uruguay by using your Android or iOS device, it's for free and promptly. Choose the place you prefer for a dinner with friends or a romantic date. Select from 5 star restaurants, to the best pizzerias and chiviterías of the city. If your preference is to go out to drink and listen to music, also reserve your table with this application in the best pubs and rest-pubs of Uruguay.




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