You are also a proud owner of a solar-powered warm water system but you also would like to have warm water after two cloudy days? Our house has two bathrooms and had been formerly equipped with three different types and sizes of water heaters. No one of these were younger than 5 years. 
As we are interested in energy saving and sustainability and are living in a country with more than 200 sunny days, it makes sense to change the old system with a solar-powered hot water system. 




In  5-6 months with mild temperatures also during the night and 1-2 days without sun, the system is running without problems. But during the winter time there are about 1-2 months with freezing temperatures below 0°C and several days without sun. Then the warm water is only sufficient for just one day. To cover also this time we installed an energy-efficient water heater directly to the warm water supply of the solar tank. 


With the help of a solar control panel the water heater gets only energy when the temperature falls below an adjustable limit. Because of the controler's permanent temperature monitoring of the water in the solar tank, now we have warm water at any time. And we prevent that the water heater has to heat the water on sunny days as this would not make sense.


We would be glad to help you, if you are also interested in such a system.
Please use our contact form to make an appointment with us or in case of further questions.



Explanations to the text:


Solar-powered warm water system

In South America these systems usually come with a 10 - 300 liter tank and glass tubes for heat collectors, both can be installed as a common package. When adjusted to the sun correctly, the water gets a temperature of up to 70°C within just one day. When the temperature is getting too high or in case of overpressure the system drains warm water by a safety valve.


Solar control panel

Electronic monitoring and indication of water temperature in the tank with the possibility to setup different control programs, e. g. to switch on/off an additional heating system.


Water heater, here called Termotanque or Calefón

Electric warm water heater with isolation for bathrooms and so on.


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