One of our first projects in 2014 was the installation of a common dvr camera system with 4 cameras. A system with 8 possible cameras at that time wasn't desired and the prices in Uruguay then were much higher than today. Our customer was satisfied with this system, except for one or two areas outside the house that couldn't been monitored sufficiently. Therefore our customer thought about an extension of the system. 

 dvr 350



An extension when having a center station for 4 cameras is not possible. Therefore devices with 8 or more channels are necessary. This means, the existing one had to be exchanged with a bigger device. As already mentioned, in Uruguay the availability of high-quality systems for cameras with higher resolution meanwhile is much better and the prices became more attractive. Thus, it didn't made sense to buy a dvr for the already installed cameras with low resolution, but one that already corresponds to the requirements of future high resolution cameras.

Alt und neu vereintOld and new cameras with LED spotlights

And these are even cheaper than the older devices, but unfortunately they are still expensive when buying it as a single device without cameras, compared to a complete package. Thus, meanwhile it doesn't make sense to buy 4 channel device when the ones with 8 channels are insignificantly more expensive. 

 Monitor 6 statt 4
Now 6 instead of 4 images

Together with the cameras we also installed the appropriate LED spotlights with motion detector, which improve the image quality during the night considerably. Furthermore a suddenly turned on light is more deterrent than the permanent lighting lamps that are often used in Uruguay. 

 rita 05Camera with "night light support"

To inform potential burglars directly at the entrance that they will be filmed with a camera, we also mounted some information signs. 



rita 03      rita 02


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