Most customers initially buy a package with 4 cameras for installation of their camera surveillance system. And often they are low-priced. But when times go by a lot of customers notice that one or more cameras are missing in one or another place. An extension of a 4 channel system with further cameras is not possible. Then it's the only possibility to replace the control center with a digital video recorder (dvr) with 8 or more channels. On initial consultation therefore we inform our customers that it is just insignificantly more expensive to purchase a version with 8 channels and to install 4 cameras. A later replacement because of a desired extension is more expensive. 



If your first system is a device that couldn't yet handle the new high-resolution cameras, it is recommendable to make sure that the new one already is a modern system. The current available models can process the picutures of the older cameras as well as the new ones. The older cameras often are models with 420 scan lines (420TVL), the current ones have 720 or up to 1000 scan lines and therefore a much higher resolution and improved display of details.

Extension of existing systems

This means, it is possible to replace or to extend an already existing dvr system at any time. It is also possible to interchange the older cameras at some positions or to replace them with better ones. 

kamerabild 700TVL

Picture with 700 tv scan lines

Upgrade and set-up of hard discs in dvr systems

You already have the appropriate amount of cameras but don't have a build-in hard disc to store the data or you don't have the corresponding internet access? We are sure we will find a solution for that as well. It is possible to refit the current dvr models with a hard disc. We can install the appropriate hard disc for your system, according to the quantity of cameras. This means, more cameras need a bigger disc. Afterwards we will set-up everthing that is needed for the record, of course in accordance with your requests.

Internet connection 

You already have a system but you don't have the possibility to access your camera pictures via internet? 

When there's a permanent internet access it should be no problem to install the accessibility via internet from outside. In Uruguay it would be advantageous to have a DSL or Fibra Optica access. An access when using a GRPS USB stick is only possible with an appropriate router and the corresponding contract. 

Generally it is necessary to have a so-called operating "local network", consisting of an internet router or Gateway with build-in or separate switch (network distributor). 
If you don't have some of these things, we can install and set it up for you.

Possibility to reach the system via Internet (DyDNS)

Provided that you have a steady internet access at home, your system should be approachable. Unfortunately no! To reach a device in your house via internet, your current internet address is needed. As these addresses change once a day at the latest, mostly even after a loss of connection and new dial-in, it would be necessary to know the details of the new address. This is the job for a provider of dynamic internet addresses (DynDNS). This means, after link connection with the internet, for example the router forwards the new address to this provider and links it with a fix name you will be provided with. Sometimes this is even offered from the dvr system suppliers free of charge. As these server often are located in China, in the past the availability was very poor. There are a lot of further free of charge services, like and so on. One of the oldest providers is


Until a few years ago they offered also a DynDNS-version for free, but meanwhile it's with costs. Over the past 15 years we had positive experiences with this provider. Therefore we bought an access package to offer this better service to our customers free of charge. With this service we can offer you the best possible reachability for your system. 

Installation of HD H264 dvr systems for IPhone and Android smartphones

A lot of new devices with HD cameras use the new standard H264 instead of compression with Jpeg. This compression is necessary to see the pictures with higher resolution via internet. 
For the installation of an access with Iphone and others, usually some difficulties have to be solved and different brands have different ways. We already have applied a lot of this possibilities with success and if you are missing this possibility you may contact us. 

Inspection and extension of cable protection

Also we had to realise that the most Uruguayan companies don't care a lot about the possible influences of sun, wind and weather when mounting cables. Often the cables are mounted directly exposed to the sun what minimizes the durability enormously. Within short time this can cause cable breaks and failure of the cameras. If you think that needs to be improved and you like to have the cables mounted in accordance with German standards, we would be pleased to check your system and try to improve the protection for a longer durability of the whole system. 

Do you have questions regarding this matter or do you need further information? Please use our contact page or send us a mail to to contact us.

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