A team of developers from the Imperial College London and ETH Zurich created an online calculator to be able to calculate the estimated output of solar and wind energy. There is a global data base available and more detailed for the European region. The tool can be used worldwide for free and it is a great opportunity for all planners of solar and wind power plants.

Renewables Ninja


Why to heat up air with solar power?

We have an average of 230 days of sunshine in Uruguay and in the winter time there are plenty of beautiful sunny days too. If you assume that on a global average about 1300 watts per square meter power from the sun reaches the earth, we should try to use this free energy. Some ways to use solar power are used already successfully in Uruguay for many years, but at the moment only for heating up water and generating electricity. The easiest way of use, the heating of air, is unkown here.

Solar-Warmluft-KollektorCollector for roof mounting

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