You have a small business and you cannot afford pricy advertising?

With a Facebook business fanpage and the appropriate advertising you can reach more than 200,000 people in Uruguay within 2-3 weeks. And that's for just 5000 Pesos! Usually that's not possible with conventional advertising and not as simple and affordable. You pay only those, who respond to your advertising, in this example the cost per person was about 3.20 pesos. And you can also be sure that the person has responded in any way to your advertising, such as with a "Like" of your page!

Facebook advertising


For most of us, a life without Internet is not conceivable any more. Sales of products or services without online support often is not very successful.
It doesn't matter what you are searching for, if it's a private blog or a multilingual online store, we will support you to bring your ideas online.


An important step for an online presence is to find the appropriate provider on whose server your page should run.
Our article about Webhosting explains the most important items on that. 

Webdesign & Joomla CMS

The appropriate look and functionality of your online presence has almost the same importance than it's contents. 
Adaptation to your coorporate design and your company colors in order to achieve a recognition online also is as important as the automatic adaptation of the page to the devices used by the visitors of the site. The so-called responsive design. To learn more about the possibilities and how CSTC and Joomla may help, please follow the following link. 

Our starter offer for your online presence

Take advantage of our location in South America to be able to realize your online presence without high costs.
With our Joomla starter package you get a complete online presence with all the pages and modules that are necessary.
And this for only 440 USD!

Read more about our offer in the following article.

Ecommerce - PrestaShop - Online-store system

With more than 250,000 installations in more than 200 countries, PrestaShop is one of the leading online-store solutions worldwide. And the basic version is completely free! With the integrated European legal certainty, it's easy to run PrestaShop within the EU and especially in Germany without any problems. 

In the following link you can find more information about a low-priced online-store:

"read more - Prestashop - Ecommerce"

Social Media & Social Marketing

With the increasing popularity of Facebook and others, the use of social media is an important way to present products and ideas to a large quantity of online users. 
And it doesn't require to pay a lot of money for that. Even with a small budget and the appropriate advertising in Facebook you can reach much more people than with print media.
How this works and how we can help you to bring your products, services and ideas closer to a larger community, can be read in the article in the following link.


Website maintenance

Worldwide more and more hackers are trying to attack websites to infect them with viruses and ransom software. Therefore it is very important to keep the software of your website up-to-date.

What can happen and what we can do to ensure that your site will be protected as much as possible, can be found in the following link.



Vulnerability of modern websites 

The maintenance and therefore the updates of a website nowadays play a major role. 
Modern websites, blogs and online shops contain a huge amount of program codes and at least one SQL data base, also when having just a manageable amount of pages. Both invites hackers to search for weak points to bring in malicious codes. 
In the worst case also your customers are affected when they get their computers infected by accessing your page, or the data of your customers itself can be stolen. 



Joomla CMS


Setup of new websites 

JoomlaLogo os

One of the most used free Content Management System worldwide since 2005. Take advantage of the global commitment of Joomla developers for your Web 2.0 website.

Thousends of graphic templates and extensions, partly for free, will bring ahead your Internet presence. We consult you with the selection of the visual appearance and colours and we realize your conception of a modern Internet website design. At best it could be sufficient to use one of our multiple tested templates as a Basic and just to fit this to your Corporate Design.  

You also would like to have a modern website that is constructed similar to this one? And you want to have the possibility to take care about the contents and texts? Then a website that is based on Joomla is the right one for you.


Responsive Webdesign


Our standard templates (design templates) are already configured to be able to check with what kind of device your website is called up to switch automatically to the appropriate design. This means, also Smartphone and Tablet users see your site with the best possible version. This technology is called "Responsive Webdesign", because the website 'responses' to something.


Update of existing Joomla websites


You already have a Joomla website versions 1.x or 2.x and you want to update it to the current version 3.4? We check the possibility of an update of the used templates and extensions and change them where it is possible.


socialmedia 2

You are interested in integration of Social Media services like Facebook, Twitter and so on? Please read also the following article "Social Media - Social Marketing".


You can see a selection of pages created by CSTC-Uruguay in our section "reference projects".


If you need consulting for a Joomla site, please feel free to use our Contact Page.
We will contact you asap.



Explanations to the text:


CMS - Content Management System

A CMS is a programm for the creation, management and organisation of common used data. Mostly used for the management of internet sites. The content will be stored media neutral in a database. The final presentation of the content as PDF or HTML-pages will be created dynamically from the database.


WEB 2.0

This is a concept for a new generation of Internet pages which enables the user to contribute created content and not just to consume.



Joomla is the English spelling of the Swahili word 'jumla' that means 'all together' or 'as the whole thing'. It is one of the most popular CMS systems to create dynamic websites and it is Open Source and therefore it is usable free of charge. It is based upon PHP version 5 and MySQL data bases. 


end faq


 socialmedia 2


Social Media

what is it and what will that do for me?


The Internet then and now


As the internet started in the late 80s of the 20th century the available websites and contents were static and could only be "consumed". To be found by a search engine like Altavista it was enough to have a domain name that was on top of the alphabetic sorting, e. g. Or some "juicy" words had been given as search terms; these terms didn't need to belong to the own website contents and content itself was not very important.


Web 2.0


When Web 2.0 came up and the websites have changed to ones where the users could comment on something, the Internet and the websites became dynamic. It wasn't just to consume the contents but also to take active part in it. Everywhere forums and review sites arose and the static HTML sites have retreated into the background. 


Social Media


After the turn of the millennium the first social networks like Facebook and Twitter launched. Nowadays it's usual to twitter the latest occurrences and friends are invited to events via Facebook and Whatsapp. 
Several years ago some teenagers got lost in a sewage system. They used Facebook via mobile phone to contact their friends to please them to get in contact with the police. They didn't thought about using the mobile phone to call the police directly. This demonstrates how Facebook, Twitter & Co. meanwhile are permanently fixed in minds of the so-called Internet generation.


Social Marketing

fb pluseins

When displaying products and services on a homepage and wondering why Internet search engines nearly don't find them, maybe it's time to start dealing with Social Marketing. A product that has not been discussed or mentioned in the Internet's social networks nearly isn't existing. At least it doesn't have a relevance ranking for Google and others and therefore it is listed far behind in the search results. Only when combining the own contents with the social networks and a discussion about them, it will be more interesting for the search engines and it's possible to reach more hits when searching the Internet about it.


And that's where CSTC comes in

We set up your accounts and company pages or we help you with already existing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and so on, to place your products and services to make sure they can be found better. We consult you and help you to make your website contents better known and to reach more customers.


In case of any questions related to "Social Media" and "Social Marketing", please do not hesitate to use our contact form. We reply to you ASAP.



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