Since the end of 2016 Opera browser has a built-in VPN access. With this additional offer, Opera provides fast and free VPN without traffic and speed limitation, which most other browser developers so far haven't implemented. Actually, servers are available in Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United States. This allows you to browse the internet with a disguised IP address or gain access to contents on Youtube and other streaming services with geoblocking.

 Opera mit VPN


Unfortunately Netflix e.g. is not working with this VPN, but you may use it for other sites that use geoblocking, such as Youtube and you still have the IP privacy in addition.


VPN Geoblocking


Speed with VPN

The previous tests are quite satisfying and the speed is praised in most tests. With a VPN access (Virtual Private Network) all traffic is directed over a server in the country in which you want to see the blocked content. Of course, this means that the data first have to be routed to this server and then to your device. Depending on the quality of these devices and lines, the speed will be affected. But Opera VPN is surprisingly good for a free service.

Here you can see the differences between a connection with and without Opera VPN connected to a server in New York City. The first picture shows the results with VPN.

Speedtest mit VPN

and without VPN.

Speedtest ohne VPN en



The disadvantage at the moment is the limited server loactions and therefore is useless for some users. Another disadvantage is that you only can access services that are accessible via browser; other software doesn't bnefit from this kind of VPN.



Anyone who wants to see a blockled Youtube video or sport events and movies with geoblocking from time to time will have fun with this free and surprisingly fast VPN connection.

Of course, provided that you have a fast internet connection, no matter where you are located.

In case of any questions with regard to the Opera browser or VPN, please send us a Mail to info@cstc-uruguay or use our contact page.

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