In Uruguay the most houses in the touristic areas are not occupied for several months (2/3 of the year) and therefore the risk for burglary and robbery into not protected houses is very high. To prevent burglary and robbery it would be necessary to increase the security. 
A lot of house owners choose the installation of an alarm system with a surveillance at home when the alarm triggers (in case of having a corresponding on-the-spot support with a company). As this is not possible everywhere we tried to find a solution to increase the security of houses without or in addition to an alarm protection.


kamera LED-Strahler mir Bewegungsmelder



The most important point is to prevent that the burglars could think about entering the house "unseen". Therefore it makes sense to care for an appropriate lighting and, where applicable, also for a video surveillance. As surveillance cameras for the private use got less expensive within the last years, we kept us informed and updated for several years about new cameras and software. We already started testing them some years ago in Germany.

These experiences help us to consult you and to find, to install and to take care for the appropriate system and equipment for your object. 


In case of any questions please use our contact form. We will contact you asap to submit our offer.


Explanations to the text:


English abbreviation for Closed Circuit Television, this means camera surveillance.

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