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Data backup Home PC

Are you sure that your holiday pictures, the wedding videos and all your other data you have created are really save? 

Just yesterday everything was o.k! - this is what a lot of our customers said.

There are no hard disks which will last forever and there is no virus protection which will protect you for 100%. Therefore, a good data backup is essential today.

What kind of backup system you will use will depend on how much time you want to invest in the recovery of a useless system.
A backup of your pictures will only bring you back the pictures, but not the whole system including the programs. Within the last 15 years we never met a customer who really knew what software will be important for the work or even which software was installed before the computer crashed. Systems are growing over the years and home users seldom have lists of installed software and tools. Most of them realized what's missing when they want to use it after a problem occurred. But then the license or the CD is missing to be able to install it again.

So there are a lot of good reasons to have a working data backup!

A backup should work quietly and quickly as possible, otherwise you will lose the wish to use it. The running time was the biggest problem in the beginnings of home PC data backup. More than 50% stopped using it because it took too much time.

What will be a useful data backup?

A combination of soft- and hardware which is able to backup the complete system in a short time and also recover your data as fast as possible that you are able to continue working within minutes or hours.

We will advice you to get the best data backup system for your needs.


Data backup for server systems

In this section a little bit more effort is necessary, because it may be necessary to be able to access several past backups.
Here tape drives are mostly used for the backup in addition to hard drives and also "Cloud" -storage is gaining popularity. Also, it is crucial to have a good software that takes care of the daily backup and all the exceptions.


Virus safety and removal

As mentioned above,  a 100% protection is not possible, unless you never use any data and media from outside, no internet and email. Nowadays this is almost impossible. By opening an infected email from a supposed friend, a click on a link and very often through the use of illegal software and games you quickly have the "pleasure" of an infected computer.

Limit the damage

After a supposed virus or malware attack at first it's time to limit the damage. This means, it will be the best to stop working with an affected device is to prevent further spread. It could be very useful to have a 1:1 data backup before virus removal, because you can never be sure what will be removed or what is really infected. Also, it is much easier to perform virus scanning with the removed hard disk attached to another clean system. Usually total virus removal isn't possible on an affected system.


One thing applies to all: either I can live without my data or I do have to protect them.

The test results of the past 10 years have consistently shown that there can be no comprehensive protection by free programs that are available in the internet. Almost all of these suppliers have a paid-for full program and they all have no money to give away.


We will be pleased to advise you to find a suitable solution for your data security.


Please use our contact page if you have any questions about data security, backup or virus protection.


Explanations to the text:


Cloud, Cloud Computing

This means the storage of data, or to run programs on remote computers and data centers.



These are programs which will execute faulty or unwanted functions on a computer.


Computer virus

A computer virus is a software program that spread themselves and reproduce. These are then have the possibility to make changes to software and hardware and will be able to spy for information and keystrokes (Trojans).


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