Do you love music?
Do you also like to listen to good music coming out from good speakers, just to relax a little bit?
But suddenly it is not relaxing any more because the only thing you can hear is a rasping sound coming out from your favorite speakers?

Then it could be caused by damaged rubber or foam surrounding of your speakers.
That's exactly what we found out now. Our JBL Control 1G only released a scratching sound instead of bass. At both woofers the foam surroundings were crumbled. It seems to be a serious problem here in South America that rubber parts getting weak early.


Defekte Gummisicke

We still have four of these speakers and after a inspection we found out that all of them need to be repaired and the foam surroundings need a replacement. In former times in Germany I did this job by myself, if I got the appropriate replacement parts. Probably nobody would like to dismiss a pair of JBL's Control 1G speakers due to a defective foam surrounding, so I tried to figure out how to get the replacement surroundings and found some.


So I started with the exchange and therefore I had to open the chassis.

jbl Teile

It is very easy to open the box and this is how the speaker looked like before repairing it.

jbl Tieftöner

And after the fixation of the new foam surrounding.

jbl mit neuer Sicke

After everything was dry, tested and assembled it looks like a new one. 

jbl komplett

And also sounds like a new one!

jbl wie NEU!


If you have some favorite speakers with a scratching noise, please contact us and we will check, if there are parts available on the market and if it would be worth it.

For your contact please use our contact-page or send a mail to Please give us all information available about your speakers. Thank You!

AdmirorFrames 2.0, author/s Vasiljevski & Kekeljevic.