If you still want to have fun using your kitchen at the beginning of winter time, you need adequate lighting. Until now, we realized this with the usage of halogen lamps. To illuminate all the work-space evenly, we used 7 small 20W spots and a ceiling lamp with about 100W. With the increasing costs of energy in Uruguay and to reduce our 'ecological footprint', we have changed everything to LED. Meanwhile, the lamps are at an affordable price level.

LED Umbau 5



For the spots there are small multi-LED boards with sockets for halogen and with approximately the same luminace. Here we used 15W LED pendants for the replacement of the G4-socket lamps. We have equipped our spots for the desktops and exhaust hood.

LED Umbau 3 

LED Umbau 4

The ceiling lamp was a little bit more complicated because there was a 118mm halogen light bulb installed. Therefore we had to replace the halogen with a 10W LED chip and the matching 12V driver electronics. These parts are available in many places here.

LED change

You have to take care for adequate cooling, that the LED chip can show its advantages in durability. Fortunately all the parts fit in our ceiling lamp and thanks to more than 20 years of experience in special machine construction, developing that conversion wasn't a problem.

LED Umbau 2

So there will be still quite a few years of joy using our ceiling lamp brought from Germany.

In total we have reduced the power consumption for kitchen lighting by 90% with the conversion to LED!

For your contact please use our contact-page or send a mail to inf@cstc-uruguay.com.  Thank you!

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