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From a smartphone to a home server, we will find the appropriate hardware for your needs.

It is not always easy to know what hardware is needed to accurately perform the works that are encountered daily.
Most of the computers that are available in the store are sufficient for the daily work with a web browser and word processing. For special applications or reliability, things look quite different.

Software for video editing or extensive image editing needs another hardware than standard software. Furthermore it is an advantage to start with a proper backup strategy as from the beginning. A PC in the living room for TV, Video and Internet for example, doesn't need more than 30 watt of power these days, when the appropriate components are combined. We will assemble exactly these components for your projects, needs and wishes.


Your PC is not doing what you are expecting, or is having issues with the hardware?
You need help with setting-up software or hardware or how to configure a smartphone or tablet PC?


If you need assistance with this kind of problems and decisions we are the right partner for you.
For more than 10 years we satisfied our customers in Germany. Without this customer satisfaction, we certainly couldn't survive in the German market all this time.    

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to use our contact page


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